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The Only Spiritual Scoring System Worth Purchasing

Repost (with edits) of an email written to the Modern ŌM membership.

Today, we're sharing a tool to evaluate how spiritual you are. This "spiritual scoring system" (S3) was developed 600+ years ago by legendary monks high in the Himalayas (near Mount Kailash) . . . and this is the first time it's ever been shared publicly. I learned about it last week in Tony Robbins' Platinum Member Whatsapp group chat. 

Here's how it works.

Answer this series of questions about your week, with points assigned to your answers. For an accurate score, please answer truthfully.

🔲  Did you charge your crystals in the last full moon? (2 points)
🔲  Did you listen to a podcast or lecture that inspired you? (10 points)
🔲  Did you read a book that Oprah recommended on Super Soul Sunday? (12 points)
🔲  Did you go shopping at Whole Foods (2 points), & did you buy organic (3 points)? 
🔲  Did you watch the sunrise or sunset at least once? (10 points)
🔲  Did you practice yoga, or other form of physical self-care? (13 points)
🔲  Did you have your astrological chart read by a gypsy? (2.5 points)
🔲  Did you emotionally connect with a child? (3,500 points)
🔲  Are you reading this from India, Bali, or Tulum? (18 points)
🔲  Do you follow more than 3 yoga-lebrities or Yung Pueblo on Instagram? (2 points)
🔲  Did you meditate at least once for 5 minutes? (15 points)
🔲  Did you think about meditating at least once? (6 points)
🔲  Were you kind to a stranger? (1,000 points)
🔲  Were you kind to yourself? (10,000 points)
🔲  Did you drink Kombucha (1 point) & did you brew it (3 points)?

This high vibrational scoring system is guaranteed to help you level-up your consciousness. Scores of 3 or higher quality for a FREE online webinar with the spiritual guru of your choice (email for details)... while a life-worth-living starts at 1,000 points and up.

For a limited time, the S3 online resource is available for a reasonable investment of $39.99. Upon purchase, no refunds will be accepted.